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Chris Thompson provides exclusive coaching to those looking to optimize their lives and bring out the very best in health, wellness, and performance through his H.O.T.-F.A.S.T. 24 program. 

Exclusive coaching with CHRIS

Featuring H.O.T.-F.A.ST. 24

What is H.O.T.-F.A.S.T. 24?


Hormone Optimization Transformation

Fasting And Strength Training 24-hour blueprint


The #1 Critical Success Factor to achieving a change in body composition and sustainable results is optimization of your natural, or endogenous hormones. Creating an internal metabolic state of up-regulating your “helpful” hormones and down-regulating the important but fat storing hormones, must occur to achieve a lasting change in body composition.  


The H.O.T.-F.A.S.T. 24 blueprint methodology is designed and proven to achieve this precise optimization and RESULTS!  Not just any results, quick results and most importantly, sustainable results!


The nutrition combined with training protocol leverages optimization of natural hormones targeting specific effect on Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Insulin & Cortisol.  Multiple scientific studies have shown up to 180% increase in Testosterone & 2,000% increase in Growth Hormone!  Equally incredible down regulation has been shown of insulin and cortisol levels, as well. This optimization strategy maximizes productivity of time and effort for highest ROI...of both your time and money.

Ready for Peak Performance...mind, body, & soul? Get coached by CHRIS!


  • Simple to follow direction of what foods to eat, when to eat for success 

  • Individually tailored macro-nutrient values to achieve your goal

  • Specific macro-nutrient sources to adhere to customized plan

  • Suggested supplements to help improve metabolic function, including cognitive optimization

  • Answers to food choices, dining out scenarios, critical situational questions (e.g. I’m at dinner what can I order, I’m traveling how should I prepare or adapt?)

  • Recipe ideas for cooking at home

  • Specifically designed exercise routine to achieve your personal goals while improving health & wellness


  • What to eat, when to eat it and why.

  • 3 critical success factors to resistance training.

  • Recommended supplements to use, when and why.

  • How to practice perfect the right exercises and proper techniques for results.


$100 a week (8 week program)

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