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It's an issue that almost everyone can relate to in some way, and at some point in their lives. I was busy...very busy...and wanted good healthy food and I needed it fast. More importantly, I wanted it to be convenient to work on-the-go at my desk, in the car, at an airport, early morning, late night, and even on a beach when finally relaxing.  


The key to being healthy and fit is consistent and properly balanced nutrition...that means the right food sources in the right amounts. Well, if you have ever tried to balance a fast-paced life, healthy nutrition tends to be an afterthought. It goes out the window, or perhaps should I say, comes into the drive-thru window...basically anything but nutritious. From this everyday dilemma, I knew there had to be a better way. It's with the principles of living a clean and healthy life that I founded CRUSH1 NUTRITION.


I am Chris Thompson, and I am passionate about optimizing health, performance and body composition through nutrition and resistance training with a unique focus on wellness and anti-aging. My 30+ years within my own fitness journey began as a multi-sport athlete and later continued as a certified personal trainer. Over the past 2 decades, I have worked in the nutritional supplement industry creating successful brands and products, both as an entrepreneur and corporate executive. I was President for one of the largest nutritional companies on the planet as well as a thought leader in the performance supplement markets. My wellness programs and health opinions have influenced global audiences and have been featured on

I have leveraged my experience to create products dedicated to helping others achieve their very best in Performance, Health & Wellness. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey because we are all bound by the same process to improve and better our daily lives. It is no coincidence the middle two letters of CRUSH1 are “US.”  If you are interested and committed to improving your life from the inside out, you are indeed, one of “US.”

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